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Zhongwei Chen, a University of Waterloo professor, is no stranger to futuristic research and groundbreaking discoveries.

Professional Background
Zhongwei Chen, PhD at the Natural Sciences and Engineering Researchers

Zhongwei Chen, PhD is the recipient of numerous significant medals and awards due to his innovative research. In 2016 alone, he received the E.W.R. Steacie Memorial Fellowship and was also elected as the member of the Royal Society of Canada’s College of new Scholars, Artists, and Scientists. In 2017, Dr. Chen was elected to the position of Fellow of the Canadian Academy of Engineering, shortly thereafter receiving the Rutherford Memorial Medal from The Royal Society of Canada. Zhongwei has also been awarded the Ontario Early Researcher Award, an NSERC Discovery Supplement Award, and the Distinguished Performance and Research Excellence Award.

A Leader in Clean Energy Research

Dr. Chen is currently working with a highly integrated team of enthusiastic and knowledge-hungry individuals to develop and test new clean energy technologies. His team includes 22 postdoctoral fellows, 30 graduate students, and 6 undergraduate students. Working as team leader, Dr. Chen sets project goals, designates tasks, and keeps everything running smoothly. The large team is further subdivided into several smaller teams, each with a unique specialty. Through his research program, Dr. Chen has trained more than 50 students of varying levels and prepared them for success in their respective fields.

Why do we need clean energy?

It’s no secret that fossil fuels cannot sustain our planet forever. We’re burning through the Earth’s supply of crude oil at an alarming rate and coal is simply too dirty to continue to use. It’s been estimated that by the mid-21st century, the Earth’s oil supplies will be depleted. Although recent research claims that we are actually in no danger of running out any time soon, Dr. Chen stresses that it doesn’t really matter either way. The bottom line is that we need new sources of energy because the ones we currently depend on pollute our air and water at unsustainable levels.

According to Dr. Zhongwei Chen, the future belongs to clean energy. Wind, solar, and nuclear are clean and renewable sources of energy that haven’t nearly been tapped to their fullest potential. Far more research and testing needs to be done in order to more fully understand the best ways of harnessing and converting these energy sources into electricity and Dr. Chen is at the forefront of this research.